Steel security plate attaches to back of the PlayStation 3 or PS3 Slim

8' steel security cable, security plates and brass padlock with 2 keys

First anti-theft product designed exclusively for the PlayStation 3

Assembles quickly

Works with original PS3 game console and the new PS3 Slim.

Retails for $27.95

Xbox 360 Security Kit

Wii Security Kit

PS3 Security Kit

For PS3 & PS3 Slim


Now you can lock up your valuable PS3 game console and PS3 Slim console with the new anti-theft PS3 Security Kits from newPCgadgets. These kits are so popular even Sony uses them. Each PS3 Security Kit is designed to secure your PlayStation console with a 8" security cable, security plate and padlock. Prevent friends, family members or amateur theives from walking away with your most prized possesion.

These are the only security kits designed to work exclusively with the PS3 and now the PS3 Slim.



PS3 Slim Security Kit (Works with all models produced after 2010)

Out of Stock


PS3 Security Kit (Original)


Designed to work exclusively with the PlayStation 3 game console and PlayStation Slim.


So popular even Sony uses them to secure their PS3's.



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PS3 Security Cable

PS3 Slim Cable Lock

PS3 Slim with cable