Microsoft Surface Security Kit

Lock & Cable Security

The new Lock And Cable Security Kit for the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 (not compatible with Surface Laptop) is the ideal cable and lock solution for securing your valuable tablet (not keyboard). Our engineers have designed a unique security solution that is strong, low profile and easy to install and remove.

The Light-weight aircraft grade aluminum security bracket secures to the side of the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book with a combination of tamper-proof screws and a 3M VHB adhesive pad. Once secured, it would require over 500 lbs of sheer force to remove. To remove the security bracket, simply loosen the tamper-proof screws using the tamper-proof bit and separate. Extra adhesive pads are included for future mounting.

To secure to a fixture slide the 6' security cable through the security bracket and loop around a table leg or use the the included steel anchor and secure with padlock. The cable can easily remove and the security bracket can remain on the Surface for easy transport.

The Lock And Cable Security Kit for the Microsoft Surface is ideal for anywhere security is a concern like: trade-shows, retail outlets, education or for individual use.


(1) Aluminum security bracket

(1) Torx T-10 screw and T-10 security bit

(1) 30 mm brass padlock

(1) 6' coated steel wire cable

(1) Universal mount for security cable

Retail Price: $49.95

Sale Price $39.95

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Microsoft Security Lock and Cable Kit

Surface Book Cable Lock

  • Aircraft grade aluminum bracket
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Low profile design
  • Removable 6' cable for easy transport
  • Secures with 500 lbs of sheer force
  • Fits Surface Book and Pro 4
  • Includes padlock and mounting bracket
  • Price $49.95


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Microsoft Surface Book cable and lock security

Cable can pivot to the back or side depending on preference

Secuity cable routes through security bracket and secures to fixed object

Cable routes through bracket & secures to fixed object

Surface book security kit with pivoting security cable

Surface Book easliy closes with bracket attached

Microsoft Surface book security bracket and steel wire security cable

Aluminum bracket & 6' coated steel wire cable

Surface Pro 4 model security lock and cable

Surface Pro 4 model security lock and cable

Surface Book security kit components

Surface Security Kit Components