Raises your laptop 1.5” to improve viewing angle

Creates better ventilation and reduces heat build up

Securely stores your laptop in vertical position freeing up desk space

Attractive lightweight acrylic design

Stores in your laptop carrying case

Makes a great gift

Retail $19.95


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The new Laptop Flip is the first 2-in-1 accessory designed as a space saver and to improve the overall function of your laptop. As a space saver, the Laptop Flip stores your laptop in the vertical position freeing up desktop space. In use, the Laptop Flip raises the back of your laptop by 1.5” to improve your viewing and typing angle. Raising your laptop will also improve ventilation and substantially reduce heat.


No other computer accessory combines these features into one product. Save space and improve the performance of your laptop with the new Laptop Flip.


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Increase laptop ventilation helping to prevent overheating. Saves space on your desktop when not in use.  

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Maury Spoto, "I love my Laptop Flip, my laptop runs cooler and is easier to view. Best of all it's a great space saver, thanks newPCgadgets"








product image

3 1/2"W x 8"L x 3"H
acrylic design

product image

Store your laptop in vertical position for space saving

product image

Raise your laptop for better ventilation and viewing