Cable & lock security kit

Includes acrylic base

Does not damage iPhone like other adhesive products

36" vinyl coated steel wire cable

High-strength aluminum brackets with rubber inserts

Steel mounting plate for security cable

30mm brass padlock

Ideal for trade-shows, retailers, school and exhibits

Priced at $44.95

Apple Store Acrylic Display for iPad and iPhone

NEW Apple Store Display

iPad Apple store Plexi-glass mount

NEW iPad Security Base

Duplicates acrylic Apple store fixture

iPhone 5 Security Base

Just like Apple store acrylic headphone stand

iPod/iPhone 5 Security Base

iPhone Security Kit

Cable & Lock Security!


Our new iPhone 5 Security Lock & Cable Kit is the perfect complement to our popular line of iPhone, iPod and iPad security products.


The new iPhone 5 Security Kit includes a 36" coated steel wire cable and lock that secures to a mounting bracket with tamper-proof screws. Lightweight aluminum brackets with rubber padding secure to the iPhone 5, allowing full-flexibility for standard or interactive display needs.


Also included, is a 4 1/2" clear acrylic base to hold your iPhone. The base can be mounted to the table with a clear double sided adhesive strip (included) or with non-skid bumpon feet (also included).


Ideal applications for the iPhone 5 Security Lock and Cable Kit are retail outlets, business centers, hotels, conference rooms, schools, social areas, libraries,etc.; practically any place where you need to display your iPhone 5 with extra security.


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Price: $44.95

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iPhone 5 & 5S Security Kit


iPhone 5C Security Kit


iPhone 4 Security Kit




iPhone 5 Lock & Cable Security Kit

Lock & Cable Security!


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PRMac"newMacgadgets introduces the first cable and lock security kit for the iPhone 5." "

iClarifiedThe iPhone 5 Security Kit should be the next big seller for newMacgadgets."



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iPhone Security Kit

Lock & cable kit with acrylic base


iPhone 5 Lock & Cable Kit

Aluminum brackets secure iPhone


Compliments full-line of our Apple store displays

Rubber inserts protect iPhone