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iPhone 6 Secure Wall Mount

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Our new iPhone 5/iPod Touch Wall Mount Frame is the perfect complement to our popular selling iPad & iPad Mini Wall Mounts. Our new case makes the perfect iPhone picture frame display.


The 1" clear base secures the iPhone 5, 5S and iPod Touch (5 & 6) in a stylish and solid frame that can mount to any wall (hardware included).


Two outer-frames are included, one with an optional home-button guard and one without. The outer-frames secure with stainless steel tamper-proof screws. Once secured, there is full-access to the touch-screen for normal use. Slots in the acrylic base are provided for the charging cable, earphones and on/off switch. The charging cable can route behind the base to conceal when mounted.


Popular placements for our new iPhone/iPod Touch Wall Mount Frame include: exhibits, museums, trade-shows, conferences and presentations, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, professional offices, home and dozens more.


Size: 3 1/2"W x 5 3/4"L x 1"D

Weight: 1 lbs

Price: $59.95

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iPhone 5 Wall Mount Frame

Elegant ALL Acrylic Design

  • Secure mount for iPhone 5, 5S & iPod Touch (5 & 6)
  • iPhone 5 picture case frame
  • Stylish 1" all acrylic mount
  • Outer-frame secures with tamper-proof screws
  • Hardware included for wall mounting
  • Full-access to touch-screen
  • Mounts in landscape or portrait position
  • Includes optional home-button guard frame
  • Slots provided for charging cable, earphones and on/off switch
  • Ideal for retail, business and home applications


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iPhone 5 Wall Mount Secure

Mounts in portrait position


Locking iPhone 5 Wall Mount

Mounts in landscape position


Locking iPhone iPod Wall Mount

Works with iPod Touch 5th generation


iPod Touch 5 Secure Wall Mount

Two piece frame assembly


iPhone iPod Counter-Top Mount

Also available in counter-top mount