Apple store look

Available in secure & non-secure models

Fits iPad 2, 3 and 4

New models available for iPad Air & mini (see below)

Provides full-access to touch screen

Charging cable routes under base to secure

Will not damage iPad

Optional home-button guard

Slots for headphones, charging cable & on/off

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iPad Mini Security Base

iPad Air Base

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iPad Mini Wall Mount

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iPhone 5 Security Base

iPad Pedestal Stand

Secure or Display

Fits iPad Models 2, 3 & 4


Our new iPad Display Base is ideal for retail and businesses that want to combine security and elegance all-in-one. Our non-secure model is perfect for home use as a display or charging dock.


Made from 1 ¼” clear acrylic, our iPad Display Base looks just like the Apple store acrylic mounts but offers additional security. Each Base is custom milled and polished. Slots are provided for the charging cable, earphones and the on/off switch. In addition, the charging cable can secure underneath the base to provide a professional look.


The secure version of the Display Base includes mounting holes for screws or clear pressure sensitive adhesive for surface mounting (similar to the Apple store). The outer-frame secures to the base with tamper-proof screws and provides full-access to the touch screen. We also offer an outer-frame with a home-button guard feature. You can choose this option at checkout.


Our non-secure model allows easy removal of the iPad and includes non-skid clear feet.


Size: 10"W x 8 1/2"L x 1 ¼”H - 2.5 lbs

For custom orders contact us





NEW iPad Air Mount

Fits iPad Air


Our new iPad Air Mount showcases the iPad Air in a secure Apple store style acrylic base (also available in a non-secure version for home use). Specially designed stainless steel miniature brackets hold the iPad Air securely within the base. The base mounts to any counter-top with adhesive strips or screws (both included).


Constructed from clear 1 1/4" high-quality acrylic, each base is custom milled and polished. Slots are provided for the cables and earphones. The charging cable routes below the base for a clean look. Home-button guard is also included.


For home use, as a docking station or display, choose our non-secure model at checkout.


Size: 1 1/4"H x 10 1/4"W x 7 1/2”L - 2 lbs

For custom orders contact us

Apple store acrylic iPad display

Apple Store LOOK & More!


Current Customers

What others are saying,

Macrumors"A sleek enclosure for ease of interaction.."

Gizmodo"Grace Your iPad Mini With the Charm of an Apple Store Display."

Macworld"If you've ever envied your local Apple Store's acrylic docking displays for the iPad 2, the $89 iPad 2 Display Dock might be what you desire."

Padgadget"If you are looking to house your iPad in one of Apple Retails fancy and elegant smart signs, you will finally be able to get the closest thing to it."

Wired"For just $89 you can have one, turning any bland wooden table in your home into a sleek, Cupertino-compatible countertop."







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Acrylic Apple store iPad mount

Apple store look


iPad 2 and 3 Security Mount

Power cable routes under base to secure


Secure Counter-top display mount

Works with square card reader


iPad base assembly

Two-piece assembly


iPad base assembly

Non-secure model for home use







Apple store acrylic iPad Air fixture

Apple store look for iPad Air

Secure display stand for the new iPad Air

Secures with tamper-proof screws and brackets


Acrylic iPad Air mount with cable organizer

Charging cable secures underneath


Non-secure models for iPad Air and iPad mini

Non-secure models for Air & mini


iPad mini model