iPad mini Security

Mini Lock & Cable Security


Our new iPad mini Security Kit is both light-weight, flexible and does not require permanent adhesives which can cause damage to the iPad case. Specially designed aluminum brackets, with rubber inserts, secure to the outer-edges of the iPad mini. In the rear, a Torx T-25 tamper-proof screws connect the brackets and provides an anchor for the 6' security cable.


In addition to providing security, we have included a acrylic stand to hold the iPad mini in either the portait or landscape position. The security cable can mount to any fixed object or to the included mounting anchor.


The iPad mini Security Kit is ideal for all types of applications including: trade-shows, retail stores, counter-top displays, conferences and exhibits, libraries, schools and dozens more.


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Retail Price: $49.95

Sale Price $39.95

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iPad Mini Security Kit

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  • Secures iPad mini 1, 2 3 and 4
  • Light-weight aluminum security bracket
  • Rubber inserts protect iPad Mini
  • Fastens with tamper-proof screw
  • 6' coated cable with 30 mm padlock
  • Includes mounting anchor
  • Ideal for retail, business and trade-show applications

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iPad Mini Cable and Lock security with stand

Light-weight, flexible design with stand


Security kit for iPad mini

iPad mini cable and lock security kit


 Locking iPad mini security kit in landscape position

iPad mini security kit in landscape position


iPad mini security kit components

iPad mini security kit components





















    Need Better Security For Your iPad or iPhone? Here Are 2 Excellent Solutions

    When you use mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, security is likely one of your top concerns. These devices are easy to lose track of, especially if you are utilizing them in your business space. Luckily, there are two excellent ways to secure them, which include the cable and lock security kit and the secure mounts. Before you decide which one to get, it helps to know the main benefits of each.

    Cable and Lock Security

    The cable and lock security kit gives you a lot of flexibility over using your device while it is locked. If you work in an office environment and like to keep your cell phone on a mount on the desk, but want to be able to get up without putting your phone's data at risk, you can use the cable and lock. It will keep the phone locked up and connected to a 36-inch coated steel wire cable that can't be tampered with. This type of security option is ideal for business professionals in an office, trade show participants, conference rooms, and business centers.

    Here are some of the primary benefits of the cable and lock security option:

    There is more flexibility with the device; you can move around the device just as much as if it were not connected to the secured cable.
    The cable and lock security kit comes with the acrylic base so you don't need to purchase it separately.
    The acrylic base is mounted to a desk or other flat surface with an adhesive strip to keep it secured to the surface.
    The sturdy steel wire cable and aluminum brackets are included with the purchase, in addition to a steel mounting plate.
    There is a 30mm brass padlock to keep it secure even if you aren't around.

    Secured Stationary Mount

    The other option you have for securing your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone is to use the acrylic stationary mount. This is often preferred when you use your device in a retail space where you want to use it mainly as a display, but still want access to the touch screen and other buttons. The acrylic base keeps the entire device secure in the base and on the surface. Someone can walk up to the device and look at it or even use the touchscreen, but can't move it around like with the wire and cable set; this is the main drawback.

    However, there are still some fantastic benefits, including:

    Acrylic base keeps the device secure with durable stainless steel security brackets that can't be tampered with.
    The touchscreen is still available for displays or demonstrations. This is good if you sell devices in a retail store or attend trade shows and want to show new apps you have developed for the device.
    The clear acrylic mount has the same sleek look as the Apple store.
    There are multiple options for display, including between portrait and landscape, and with a wall or tabletop mount.

    When deciding between these two options, the main thing to decide is whether you just want the touchscreen to be accessed, or if you prefer having the entire device mobile, but still secured.