All acrylic iPad mini secure stand

Works with iPad mini & iPad mini with Retina Display

Replicates Apple store look

Clear 1 1/4" acrylic design

Tamper-proof brackets secure mini

Full-access to touch-screen

Charging cable secures underneath base

Includes home-button guard

Slots for charging cable, earphones and on/off switch

Includes double-sided adhesive and mounting screws

Secures to any counter-top

Price $79.95

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NEW iPad Security Base

iPad Air Base

New iPad Air Security Base

iPad Mini Apple store display

iPad Mini Pedestal Base

Duplicats Apple store display

iPad Mini Wall Mount

iPad mini
Security Base

Apple Store LOOK & More


Get the Apple store look and secure the iPad Mini with our brand new iPad mini Security Base. The iPad mini Security Base is the perfect complement to our popular selling iPad & iPad Air Security Bases. The locking security features and elegant acrylic design make this base ideal for for all types of displays.


The iPad mini Security Base is constructed from solid 1 1/4" clear acrylic and mounts to any hard surface with clear double-sided adhesive strips or mounting screws (both included). Stainless steel security brackets and tamper-proof screws conceal within the base to secure the iPad mini and prevent removal.


Full-access to the touch screen is provided along with slots for the charging cable, earphones and on/off switch. The charging cable can route underneath the base and out the rear for a clean look. In addition, we have provided an optional home-button guard for continuous running applications.


Popular applications for The iPad mini Security Base are: retail enclosures, kiosk displays, secure mounts for conferences, retail pop displays, trade-show displays and dozens more. Get the Apple store look for your organization with our new iPad mini Security Base.


Size: 9"W x 7"L x 1 1/4"H

Weight: 2 lbs

Price: $79.95

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iPad Mini secure counter-top mount

ALL Acrylic iPad mini Display


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What others are saying,

Gizmodo"Grace Your iPad Mini With the Charm of an Apple Store Display."

Cult of Mac"Turn Your Coffee Table Into An Apple Store Style Display With This iPad Mini Mount."

PRMac"Designed with the Apple store look in mind."










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iPad Mini retail mount

Acrylic Apple store look


iPad Mini Acrylic Display Mount

Charging cable secures under base


iPad Mini mount with home button guard

Home-button guard - slots for headphone & on/off switch


iPad Mini security base assembly

Mounts to counter-top with screws or adhesive strips


Compliments our other Apple store acrylic display mounts

Tamper-proof brackets secure iPad mini within base