iPad Counter Mounts

Over 20,000 Sold


Our new secure iPad counter mounts for the recently released iPad (5th generation), iPad Air and iPad Pro replicate the lock and feel of the Apple store displays.


Secure iPad Counter Mounts


Designed for places where security is a concern, our all acrylic tapered counter-top display combines security with the elegance of the Apple store. Newly designed miniature stainless steel brackets secure the iPad within the pocket allowing for better security and a clean look. We have also included a home-button guard bracket for continuous running applications. Our iPad Air & iPad Pro Mounts secures to any counter-top with clear adhesive strips or screws (both included).


Full-access is provided to the touch screen, on/off switch and charging port. The charging cable secures underneath the base and routes out the rear for a clean look.


iPad 5th gen, iPad Air, Pro 9.7 Size:
1 1/4"H x 10 1/4"W x 7 1/2"L


iPad Pro 12.9 Size:
1 1/2"H x 9.5"W x 13"L


iPad secure mounts and stands from newPCgadgets






iPad Pro Secure Mount with Apple store look from newPCgadgets

Fits New iPad 5th Generation

  • Fits iPad (5), Air (1,2), iPad Pro (9.7, 12.9)
  • Secures with mini stainless steel brackets
  • Full access to touch-screen & ports
  • Includes optional home-button guard
  • Charging cable routes underneath
  • Includes mounting hardware


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iPad Air (1, 2) secure counter mount

Fits iPad (5th gen) Air and Pro 9.7


iPad Pro 9.7 locking counter mount

iPad Pro 12.9 model


iPad 5th generation secure counter mount

iPad mount with Apple store look


iPad counter-top mount with Apple store look

Charging cable routes under base


iPad counter mount assembly

Steel bracket secures iPad in base