Apple Store Stand

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One of the coolest things at the Apple store is their acrylic pedestal display. Apple doesn't sell them but we do! We even made them better and at a great price.


Our iPad Desk Stand matches the look and feel of the Apple store stand with several added features. Just like the Apple store display, our iPad Desk Stand is constructed from 1 1/2" clear acrylic with non-skid outer silicone rings. As an added feature, we have created a center slot to hold the iPad upright in either the landscape or portrait position.


In addition, our iPad Desk Stand is ideal for holding both the iPhone and iPad at the same time, making it the perfect space-saving work-station or charging base.


As a work base or play base the iPad Desk Stand holds the iPad or iPhone at a comfortable 30 degree viewing angle to provide the perfect work or play surface. Non-skid outer silicone rings on both the top and bottom create a secure-grip surface, just like you see at the Apple store.


The iPad Desk Stand works with the original iPad, iPad 2, 3 and 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7 and the new iPad. Bring the Apple store look to your office or home today.


Businesses can now add their logo's to the clear acrylic surface and create a custom look. For additional details contact us.



Retail Price: $69.95

Sale Price $39.95

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iPad Counter Stand Purchase




iPad desk Stand With Corporate Logo

Dual iPhone/iPad Acrylic Base


  • Apple store look with slot
  • Holds iPad upright
  • Optional Corporate Logo Engraving
  • 1 1/2"H clear acrylic base (6" diameter)
  • Anti-slip silicone non-skid rings on both sides
  • Regular retail $69.95


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iPad stand with Apple store look

All-acrylic 6" diameter with slot


iPad desk stand for watching videos

Dual base holds iPhone & iPad


Acrylic iPad Stand with silicone rings

Sure-grip silicone rings for ease of use


iPad counter stand to hold iPad upright

Holds iPad upright or on a slant


Laser engraved logo on iPad desk stand

Laser engraved logo on iPad stand


Galaxy Tab Desk Stand

Holds Galaxy and other Android tablets