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Our new iPad Tablet Stand is the perfect landing place for your new iPad and iPhone. We have designed the new iPad Desk Stand to match the look and feel of the Apple store stand with several added features.


Just like the Apple store display, our iPad Desk Stand is constructed from 1 1/2" clear acrylic with non-skid outer silicone rings for a sure-grip work surface. As an added feature, we have created a slot to hold the iPad upright in either the landscape or portrait position making it ideal for watching videos or FaceTime.


In addition, our iPad tablet holder is ideal for holding both the iPhone and iPad at the same time, making it the perfect space-saving work-station or charging base.


As a work base or play base the iPad Desk Stand holds the iPad or iPhone at a comfortable 30 degree viewing angle to provide the perfect work or play surface. Non-skid outer silicone rings on both the top and bottom create a secure-grip surface, just like you see at the Apple store.


The iPad Desk Stand works with the original iPad, iPad 2, 3 and 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7 and the new iPad. Bring the Apple store look to your office or home today.


Retail Price: $49.95

Sale Price: $39.95

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popular selling products at newMacgadgets



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Apple Store iPad Acrylic Stand

Apple Store Look With Slot

  • Apple store look
  • Ideal as work-base or display
  • All acrylic construction
  • Slotted to hold iPad upright
  • Holds all iPad models
  • 1 1/2"H x 6"W angled design
  • Silicone rings provide sure-grip asurface
  • iPad dock, iPad stand or iPad holder
  • Perfect for business or home use
  • Retail price $49.95

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iPad Air Holder Stand Desktop

Replicates Apple store display


iPad Desktop Stand Acrylic

Dual base holds iPhone & iPad


iPad 2 Desk Stand For Business

Holds all iPad models including, New iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7


iPad Pro 9.7 Desk Stand

Non-skid silicone rings for sure-grip work surface


Apple Store acrylic Stand For iPad

All acrylic design


iPad Desk Stand With Slot

Ideal for FaceTime or watching videos














    Use iPad Stands For Retail Stores, Restaurants, Hotels and Other Businesses

    Using modern technology like iPads and other tablets allows you to run an effective business in today's digital age, but it doesn't stop there. There are stands and mounts that allow you to set it up on a flat surface for ease and convenience. No matter what type of business you have, you can benefit from an iPad stand. A great thing about them is that they still offer full use of the tablet, including accessing the charging cable, using the touch screen, and accessing the power button. They work for many types of iPads, from the iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, to the iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9.7.


    What are the different stands and amounts that are available?

    We offer a variety of stands and mounts that let you use your iPad or iPad Mini, while also keeping it at a convenient level and easy to reach. No matter what type of iPad you use, from the iPad Pro to the iPad Air 2, there is a stand that works great for your business. Here are some of our stands and mounts:

    Acrylic iPad Desk Stands - These are a popular item that provide the sleek look of the iPad store with the convenience of keeping the iPad at eye level. The acrylic stands fit all forms of the iPad, including the iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Mini and iPad Mini 4, iPad Air and the iPad Air 2. They are durable enough to hold your tablet without causing it to fall or damage the stand, while the silicone rings allow for proper grip on a desk or table.

    Secure iPad Mounts - If you have a business where you want to use the iPad as a display for your customers, the secure mount is best. It will keep your iPad on a desk or other flat surface, while also securing it. Nobody will be able to remove the iPad from its position thanks to the brackets that hold the mount in place. It still has all the same functions as other stands.

    What are some key benefits of the iPad stands and mounts?

    There are many business environments that the iPad stands and mounts work great in, from hotels and restaurants, to office spaces, trade shows, and retail stores. Here are some benefits you get by placing your iPad in a stand:

    • Secured mounts prevent theft while offering full function of the iPad
    • The stands hold all sizes and versions of iPads
    • Slip-proof silicone rings keep the stand from moving
    • Acrylic construction provides durability
    • Slots in stands allow you to place the iPad upright
    • It is more comfortable to access the iPad in a hands-free method
    • They work great as trade show displays

    • What are some different uses for these stands?

      The versatility of these iPad stands is outstanding. Not only do they work for all types of iPads, but they hold the device upright to make it more convenient to use. You can be talking to a vendor on the phone while using your iPad without any trouble. They are exceptional for display or demonstration purposes, whether you want to show guests at a trade show how your new app works or provide a retail store display for customers. In an office environment, it lets you keep the iPad within reach and accessible, but without straining your neck to look down or struggling to hold it up. They are also ideal for business travelers who want to set it up in a hotel room on the desk or table provided.