Ultra-thin, contoured gel pads

Removable adhesive back, easy to reposition

Clear outer-skin protects iPad from scratches

Works with Smart Cover

Fits iPad, iPad Air & iPad mini

Improved comfort

Light-weight design

Priced at $9.95


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iPod/iPhone Wall Mount

iPad Acrylic Security Mount

NEW iPad Air Mount

iPad Mini Apple Store Plexiglass display

iPad Mini Security Base

Acrylic iPad mini Wall Mount

iPad Mini Wall Mount

Acrylic headphone stand with Apple store look

Headphone Stand


Soft-Gel Comfort For The iPad


GRIPS are clear, ultra-thin, contoured gel pads that create a cushioned surface on the rear of the iPad. GRIPS enhance the users ability to handle their iPad with added comfort, especially over extended periods of use.


GRIPS clear, outer silicone skin secures to back of the iPad to provide a protective surface and soft-gel cushion. The contoured shape ensures that the users hands align perfectly with the gel-pad for optimum comfort. The light-weight adhesive allows the pads to be repositioned or removed without leaving any residue on the iPad.


GRIPS are compatible with all iPad models including the iPad, iPad mini & iPad Air. GRIPS ultra-thin pads work well with the Apple Smart Cover by providing a scratch resistant barrier between the iPad and counter.


Improve and protect your iPad with GRIPS from newMacgadgets. Priced at $9.95 a set.


Size: 4"L x 1"W x 1/16"H

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Soft Cushioned Pads for your iPad

Soft-Gel Comfort for your iPad


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Clear adhesive gel pads position on back of iPad

Clear gel filled pads provide comfort


Grips for the iPad are made of soft gel cushions

Contoured design for ease of use


Easy to reposition pads

Easy to reposition adhesive pads


iPod Touch rotating mount with cable organizer

Cushioned surface protects iPad from scratches


Clear easy to reposition soft-gel pads for the iPad

Clear adhesive backed gel-pads (sold in sets of 2)