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iPhone 6 Desk Stand

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iPad Air Secure Mount

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iPad Mini Secure Mount

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iPad Mini Wall Mount

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iPhone 6 Wall Mount

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Desktop Secure Tablet Mount


Our new Universal Countertop Mounts are the perfect way to secure any tablet on a stylish, all-acrylic, tapered base. Ideal for the Galaxy Tab, iPad, Nexus and all other tablet models.


Designed for retail, trade-shows, conferences and more, our new Universal Countertop Mount is designed to combine security and elegance all-in-one. Depending on your preference tablets can be positioned in either the landscape or portrait position.


Heavy-duty 1" adhesive tabs secure the tablet to the acrylic base to provide a strong bond not easily removed. The Mount secures to the countertop with screws or adhesive strips, both provided. The charging cord secures under the base to prevent removal. Once in place, the tablet looks suspended in air several inches above the countertop giving it a clean look, unlike other bulky solutions.


Popular tablets our Mount works with:

Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Tab 4 & Galaxy Note

iPad 2, 3 & 4, iPad Air and iPad mini

Asus Note 8, Dell Venue, Nook and Nexus

Sony Experia, Kindle Fire and Lenovo Tab


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Universal Tablet Mount

Size: 2"H x 4"W x 4”L

Price: $49.95



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Universal Tablet Mount
  • Universal secure acrylic mount
  • Secures tablet with heavy-duty adhesive tabs
  • Mounts to countertop with screws or adhesive strips
  • Tablets can mount in portrait or landscape position
  • Full-access to touch-screen & ports
  • Displays tablet on tapered 30 degree angle
  • Charging cable secures underneath mount
  • Includes double-sided adhesive and mounting screws
  • Priced at $49.95

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Secure tablet mount for iPads

Secures Galaxy Tab 4 in lanscape position


Tablet mount secure for Galaxy

All acrylic mount secures to countertop


Secures Nexus desk stand

Universal mount for iPads and Android tablets


Desktop Tablet Mount Secure

Works with Galaxy Tab 8.0


Tablet mount for retail and business

Secures iPad Air on tapered angle