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Round iPad 2 Desk Stand With Slot

Round iPad Desk Stand With Slot

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Round iPad Mini Desk Stand With Slot

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iPad Pedestal Base

Just Like The Apple Store


Our new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base is designed to look just like the Apple store fixtures. The iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base is ideal for all versions of the iPad including the original iPad, iPad 2, 3 and the new iPad 4. In addition, our new Base will accommodate Android tablets, including the popular Samsung Galaxy and Acer Nexus.


Our new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base is the perfect complement to our popular iPad Mini Pedestal Base.


Manufactured from 1 1/2" clear acrylic with a 6" diameter, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base has a high-polished and stylish look, perfect for displaying the iPad in retail displays, trade-shows, conferences, corporate offices and numerous other venues. The anti-slip silicone rings on both sides provide for a sure-grip surface.


Ideal applications for the Apple Pedestal Base included: Apple third party resellers, apple retailers, Apple Premium resellers, Apple exhibits and anyone else looking to replicate the Apple store look. Now you can bring the Apple experience to your location with our new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base.


Take advantage of our 40% off sale while supplies last.

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iPad Pedestal Large: 6" Diameter
Retail: $49.95 Sale Price $29.95


iPad Pedestal Small: 4" Diameter
Retail: $39.95 Sale Price $24.95

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Apple store acrylic display for iPad

Rich ALL Acrylic Look!


  • Replicates Apple store look
  • 1 1/2" clear acrylic base (6" diameter)
  • Anti-slip silicone non-skid rings on both sides
  • Ideal for retail and kiosk displays
  • Rich acrylic design
  • Holds all iPad models
  • Also works with Android tablets
  • Regular retail $49.95


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iPad counter stand with Apple store look

Apple store acrylic table stand


iPad round acrylic base with non-slip rings

Holds iPad on a slant


Acrylic mount holds iPad tablets

iPad desk stand in portrait or landscape position


iPad mini round desk stand in acrylic

Also available in 4" size for the iPad mini