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Our new iPad Mini Desk Stand is designed to look just like the Apple Store display but with added features including a slotted design to hold the iPad upright. The iPad Mini Acrylic Stand is 4" in diameter and 2" high. The all acrylic display includes silicone outer-rings on both the top and bottom of the base to provide a sure-grip surface. Our new iPad Mini Acrylic Desk Stand is the perfect complement to our popular line of acrylic displays and mounts modeled after the look of the Apple store displays.


The iPad Mini Stand is ideal for trade-shows, meetings, retailers, schools, corporate offices and dozens more. Designed to work with the original iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and the new iPad mini 4.


Bring the Apple experience to your business with our new iPad Mini Stand.


Price: $39.95

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Apple iPad mini stand

  NEW iPad mini Stand

  • All acrylic iPad mini stand
  • Slotted design holds iPad mini upright
  • Works with iPad mini, 2,3 and new iPad mini 4
  • Apple store look with added features
  • Non-skid silicone rings on top and bottom
  • 4" tapered design
  • Ideal iPad stand for Apple resellers and distributors
  • Great for home, retailers, business and trade-shows
  • Price $39.95


What others are saying,

PRMac"Just like their iPad 2 Display Dock, newMacgadgets gives you the excitement of the Apple store experience. "

iClarifiednewMacgadgets Replicates Apple Store look with their newest iPad Base."














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iPad mini desk stand acrylic

iPad mini desk stand


holds iPad mini 4 upright

Slotted design holds iPad mini upright


Apple store iPad Stand

Round iPad mini stand with non-skid surface


Round iPad mini stand

Round iPad mini mount















    3 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Displays For Your Next Trade Show

    Attending trade shows can provide your business with a lot of benefits, from being able to network with other businesses in the same industry, to reaching out to customers, clients, and vendors. When you set up your booth, it is important that you give others a reason to stop by. This is first done with the type of display you have. These tips will help you choose displays and decorative elements that make people want to find out more about your business.

    Think About Function

    Before you start setting up your display, think of the layout in a way that makes it more functional. Even if it is beautiful and catches other people's attention, they might leave right away if they can't get around the booth and look at everything you have to offer. There are different types of layouts, depending on the type of displays you have, how big the booth is, and how many people need to access different parts of the booth. U-shaped layouts are often used because it gives people more space to walk around without bumping into each other. The reason you need to keep this in mind, is because it helps to determine what other display elements you will be using to draw in a crowd and keep them there.

    Use iPad and iPhone Stands and Mounts for Trade Shows

    If you have an iPad, you know it runs fast, has excellent video quality, and works great for presentations. You probably already know how helpful it can be to use it as trade shows. Instead of trying to stand it up against something or use a flimsy tablet stand found at the local box store, why not try a really good, high-quality stand? There are desktop stands that not only hold the iPad in place, but can hold it at an angle so others are able to see the demonstration or presentation. You can also get mounts for both the table and the wall in your trade show booth. This keeps them secure so nobody walks off with them, which is important since you might be busy talking to someone else.

    Place Items on Different Levels

    The reason why the stands are so important is because it allows people to see the information or video at different levels. They don't have to look down at the device, but can see the tabletop device as it is tilted up, or they can look ahead at a wall mounted iPad that is at eye level. Other aspects of your display also need to follow this same rules. Have some items placed on the table around your booth, but on boxes or stands of different heights. You can also use the walls of the booth to your advantage by putting up shelving units so people can look there as well.

    Also don't forget to add proper lighting throughout the booth to highlight certain areas, whether setting our products or bringing attention to the iPad stands or mounts you have on display.