Secure your Playstation 3 with the new security kit from

PS3 Security KitJust in time for back to school, introduces the first Playstation 3 security lock and cable kit. This is the first anti-theft security kit designed exclusively for the Playstation 3. With over 17 million Playstations in circulation this new security kit is a welcome addition to the newPCgadgets product line.

The Playstation 3 Security Kit consists of a 3 piece interlocking steel plate assembly that attaches directly to the back of the Playstation 3 console. The steel plate assembly attaches quickly and does not require having to open the unit. Once attached, the 8′ cable slides through the hole located on the security plate and attaches to any fixed object located nearby.

The Playstation 3 Security Kit is ideal for college dorms, home or office. If you are concerned about protecting your favorite game console from theft then secure it today with this new security kit from Priced at $29.95.

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