If You Follow Trump’s Tweets Then You Need Our New Phone Stand

New Trump Tweet Gag Gift cheap

New Trump Tweet Gag Gift Under $10

With the Holidays just around the corner you might be looking for a trendy, inexpensive (cheap), Trump gift item. If you have friends, co-workers or family members constantly receiving tweets from Donald Trump then you will love are new “Commander-in-Tweet” Phone Stand. Simply set your phone in are new stand and let the tweets flow.

Our “Commander-in-Tweet” Phone Stand is constructed of 1/2″ clear acrylic and provides a universal slot to hold all phones (including most cases). Priced at $8.95 each hurry and get your Holiday gift early this year. We have a limited-supply, visit Trump Phone Stand for ordering details or order directly below by clicking on the Paypal link.

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New iPad and iPhone Stands For Your Next Trade-Show

New iPad 5th generation trade-show stand

New iPad Pedestals For Trade-Shows

Check out our new iPad and iPhone stands for your next trade-show or event. Our new iPad Pedestal is ideal for securing your iPad with a tether. This new model mounts to the table or counter and holds the iPad Air (1, 2), iPad Pro (12.9, 9.7) and iPad 5 (5th generation). For additional details visit, iPad Secure Pedestals from newPCgadgets.

New iPad Secure Desk Mount from newPCgadgets

New iPad 5 and 9.7 Secure Desk Mounts

If you need a fixed-position secure iPad desk mount we have a new line of black all-acrylic mounts that hold the iPad Air (1, 2), iPad 9.7 and the new iPad 5th generation models. These stands are both secure and elegant, ideal for all shows and presentations. For details visit, iPad Desk Mounts from newPCgadgets.

new iPad Pro 9.7 Wall Mount from newPCgadgets

New iPad Pro 9.7 Wall Mount

Maybe you need a low-profile secure iPad Wall Mount for your trade-show presentation. Our new iPad Wall Mounts are built from black acrylic and hold most iPad models. They are both secure and visually stunning. Look for our new iPad mini 4 version coming out in early October (2017). For additional details visit, iPad Wall Mounts from newPCgadgets.

New lock and cable security for the iPhone and iPod Touch

new iPhone – iPod Security Kits

We also have a full-line of iPhone and iPod Touch security kits with a display stand. These kits are ideal for trade-shows because they offer both a stationary display or a flexible display with a tether. Our stands work with the iPhone 5, 6, 7 and the iPod Touch (5, 6). For additional details visit, iPhone Security Kits from newPCgadgets.

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Do You Need A MacBook Stand? If So, You’ll Love This One!

New Inexpensive MacBook desk stand in bright acrylic colors

New MacBook Stand in Bright Acrylic Colors

As an Apple vendor we wanted to design a MacBook stand that does it all. With desk space at a premium the first challenge was to stand-up the MacBook freeing-up valuable table space when not in use or when connected to your iMac, so we created a rear slot.

We have a limited supply at the special sale price of $19.95.

New MacBook Riser in Blue

New MacBook Riser In Blue Acrylic

Next, we wanted to add a riser to our MacBook stand that would raise MacBook anywhere from 1″ to 2″ depending on position, so we added a tapered angle to the front of our stand.

New Laptop Lift 90 Space-Saver and Riser

MacBook Stand & Riser In Bright Colors

Lastly, we wanted to add color to our MacBook stand for style, so we designed our stand in 4 acrylic colors including; blue, pink, white and black.

Best of all, our new MacBook Riser & Space-Saver sells for under $20.

Check it out at Laptop Lift 90 from newPCgadgets or you can order directly from the Paypal link below.

Choose Model

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New iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base – Just Like Apple Store Display

NewMacgadgets has recently introduced a new product to their popular line of current iPad displays called the iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base. Designed to be similar in look to the Apple Store display, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base is ideal for all versions of the iPad including the new iPad Mini & iPad 4 (just being introduced this week). This new base will also work well with all types of android tablets including the popular Samsung Galaxy and Nexus models.

Manufactured from solid 2″ clear acrylic with a 6″ diameter, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base has a high-polished and stylish look, perfect for displaying the iPad in retail outlets, trade-shows, conferences and numerous other events. In addition, anti-slip silicone gel pads are placed on the top and bottom for a sure-grip. NewMacgadgets has set the retail at a very reasonable $49.95 each. For additional details and our new sale price please visit iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base

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Trump Phone Stand, Feel Better For Under $10

New Trump Phone Stand Holiday Gift Under $10If you have friends, co-workers or family members experiencing severe political anxiety and you would like to buy them a clever Holiday gift for under $10, then look no further! We have the answer, a unique all-acrylic iPhone and Android phone stand combined with a political statement all for only $8.95. Our new Political Smartphone Stands make the perfect stocking-stuffer this year. A gift that is sure to be used over and over again. Simply looking at our new “Impeach Trump” Smartphone Stand will make you feel better. So, if you know a disgruntled Democrat or a disheartened Republican make sure to get one of these (or several) while supplies last. Visit newPCgadgets for details or click on the Paypal link below to order.

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New iPad 5 (5th generation) Desk Stand

New iPad 5 (5th generation) Desk StandWe just introduced our newest desk stand for the iPad 5 (5th generation). Our iPad 5 Desk Stand holds the iPad 5 on a slant or upright. The all-acrylic design is ideal for trade-shows, business displays, retailers and for home use. We have lowered the price to $39.95 as a special introductory offer.

If you have recently purchased and iPad 5 or 9.7 then make sure to add one our new iPad Desk Stands to complete your setup. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details.

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New iPad mini 4 Table Stand from newPCgadgets

new iPad mini 4 table stand from newPCgadgetsOur new iPad mini 4 Table Stand is ideal for holding the mini 4 at a convenient angle in either position. The tapered clear plastic design holds the iPad mini at a 3o degree angle and the non-skid pads hold the mini 4 securely in place. The mini 4 Table Stand is ideal for business or home and retails for $24.95. Check them out at newPCgadgets.

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Top 10 iPad mini 4 Stands 2017

If you have an iPad Mini 4, you know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to hold it to check your email, watch a video, follow along with an eBook, or get some work done. Whether you use it at home or in the office, it helps to have somewhere to put it where it stays upright, but still allows you to use the touch screen. This is where iPad stands come in. Here are some of the top iPad Mini stands that will let you continue using the device, without having to hold it or keep it flat on the table or desk. The stands we have chosen below are designed to work with all versions of the iPad mini including: the iPad mini 2, 3 and the new iPad mini 4.

1. iPad Mini Stand from NewMacgadgets

This is one of the best iPad Mini 4 stands available when you want a sleek, modern look that is as close to being in an Apple store as possible. The iPad Mini stand from NewMacgadgets is unique in that instead of being made of metal like many other stands, it is actually made of acrylic plastic. This gives you a strong hold, modern look, and exceptional durability. It measures 4-inches in diameter and includes silicone rings on the top and bottom for proper grip. It won’t move around your desk when you’re trying to use the iPad Mini and works with any type of décor. In addition, the slotted design allows you to hold the iPad mini upright in either position.
iPad mini stand from newMacgadgets
Priced @ $39.95
iPad mini 4 desk stand
2. JAS Mini from CoolerMaster

This iPad Mini 4 stand is made of aluminum, so it is nice and durable, but not too expensive. Since it is on the smaller side, it is really only built for the small iPads, including the Mini, Air, and the newer iPhones. It measures 4.4 inches by 2.4 inches. A nice benefit to the JAS Mini stand is that it comes with different color options in case you want it to be more decorative.
JAS mini from CoolerMaster
Priced @ $29.95
JAS Mini from CoolerMaster

3. P2 Stand From Elago

The P2 Stand from Elago is perfect for an iPad of any size, including the iPad Mini. It is offered at a decent price of $30. This stand is great because you can fit your iPad Mini in it with the portrait of landscape format. The way the stand is designed makes it easy to keep your tablet plugged in without the cable getting gin the way of the stand itself.
P2 Stand From Elago
Priced @ $39.95
P2 Stand From Elago

4. Compass from Twelve South

This is a moderately priced iPad stand that works for the mini 4 and some of the larger versions of iPads and tablets. Compass works like an easel, letting you prop up the tablet at different angles and heights. It is fully adjustable, letting you switch from landscape to portrait. It comes in different colors, including black, silver, and red. It is also lightweight enough to bring on a business trip.
Compass from Twelve South
Priced @ $39.99
Compass from Twelve South

5. Tab Stands by Arkon

Arkon makes two different iPad stands that work great with the iPad Mini 4, including the Tab Stand 1 and Tab Stand 2. The Tab Stand 1 is a little pricier at $90 retail, though it works as an extending floor stand. You can sit or stand anywhere and place the stand right on the ground, instead of having to place it on a table. Both of these stands are made of sturdy metal and plastic, and are easy to adjust.
Tab Stands by Arkon
Priced @ $14.99
Tab Stands by Arkon

6. atRest Stand from Heckler Designs
This iPad stand is made in the USA and retails for $29. Heckler Designs originally made a similar stand under the same name, though it was for larger iPads and a little bulky and heavier. This version of the stand is perfect for all smaller versions of the iPad, including the Mini, Air, and the iPhone 6. It provides enough space for connecting the charging cable due to the elevated design.
atRest Stand from Heckler Designs
Priced @ $29.95
atRest Stand from Heckler Designs

7. Nest Organizing Stand from Blue Lounge Design

This is an excellent iPad Mini 4 stand that not only holds the device, but provides organization as well. It is also very low-priced at just $15 retail. It lets you move between portrait and landscape, provides a simple, yet versatile design, and is easy to adjust. The Nest Organizing Stand also comes in many colors, including black, white, green, blue, orange, and pink.
Nest Organizing Stand from Blue Lounge Design
Priced @ $14.95
Nest Organizing Stand from Blue Lounge Design

8. Powerstand by Morphie

If you don’t mind spending a little more for a versatile stand, the Powerstand by Morphie might be what you are looking for. This is the most expensive item on the list at $150, though it also has a high rating. The Powerstand fits small iPad Mini’s and the larger iPad sizes. It moves around with you, letting you adjust the angle and height.
Powerstand by Morphie
Priced @ $149.95
Powerstand by Morphie

9. PadFoot by Michiel Cornelissen
The PadFoot is a unique, modern designed iPad Mini stand retailing for a modest $20. It is made by Michiel Cornelissen, who makes a lot of modern products. It is perfect when you want to set up the iPad to watch a video or to use it for casual purposes. As with many other stands, it comes in multiple colors, including blue, gray, white, purple, pink, and red.
PadFoot by Michiel Cornelissen
Priced @ $19.75
PadFoot by Michiel Cornelissen

10. Mini Stand From Targus

Lastly, there is the Mini Stand from Targus, which is a high-rated iPad and iPad Mini stand. It is made from acrylic material, is sturdy, and provides a lot of versatility and functionality. It is ideal for work and home use.
Mini Stand From Targus
Priced @ $25.99
Mini Stand From Targus

Visit newPCgadgets for iPad mini Stands

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New iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Secure Mount

Secure iPad 2 Counter Mount for Business

Fits iPad Air, iPad 9.7 & iPad 5

Our new iPad Air Counter-Top Mount provides a stylish acrylic look similar to the Apple store displays but with added security.

Update- Also fits the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 5 (5th generation) models.

The iPad Air Security Base is the ideal solution to display the new iPad Air while still securing it from theft. A clear acrylic outer-frame attaches to the base with 4 stainless steel Torx tamper-proof screws. Access is provided to the lighting charging slot, earphone slot and on/off switch. In addition, the charging cable can route underneath the base to conceal. For added security we have provided an optional home-button guard to allow for uninterrupted use.

new iPad 5th generation desk mount from newPCgadgets

Acrylic iPad 5 Table Mount

The new iPad Air Security Base is ideal for retail displays, trade shows, conferences, events and dozens of other applications. At $89.95 each these new acrylic bases give the iPad Air a professional Apple store look.

Last updated: October 8, 2017 at 14:35 pm

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Wouldn’t Your iPad Look COOL On An Apple Store Display?

Apple Store iPad Stand for sale from newPCgadgets

All-Acrylic Apple Store Pedestal With Slot

Did you know that the Apple store doesn’t sell their iPad acrylic pedestals? That seems odd, since they would make a great desktop stand.

As an Apple vendor we decided to take the challenge and produce a better mousetrap or Apple stand.

We matched the clear all-acrylic design. To improve function, we added a center slot to enable the iPad to stand upright. This offers full-flexibility for positioning the iPad and allows the iPhone to sit in the front of the pedestal creating a dual iPhone/iPad base.

We have less than 50 left at our $39.95 sale price (same day shipping).

Apple store iPad iPhone desk stand

Dual iPad-iPhone Acrylic Pedestal

Apple charges their retailers over $100 each for their acrylic stands. Our improved version is on sale for $39.95 (regular price $69.95).

If you’re a business looking for a high-end iPad display for an upcoming trade-show or a consumer that loves the look of the Apple store, then we have just what you’ve been looking for. Visit Apple Store Stands From newPCgadgets.

You can also click on the link below if you would like to order through Paypal.

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