Tips To Secure An iPhone Or iPod Touch At Your Next Trade Show

iPhone and iPod Cable Lock Security Kit

iPhone and iPod Cable Lock Kit

If you are looking for a secure iPhone stand for your next trade show we have a few suggestions that might help.

Cable and lock solutions for the iPhone or iPod Touch are popular for events and exhibitions. These type of secure displays offer the flexibility for your customers handling the iPhone without being able to walk away with it.

Stay away from mounts that use permanent adhesives that attach to the back of the iPhone. These mounts cause damage to the case and are nearly impossible to remove. Look for brackets that secure with tension and can be easily removed. The opposite side of the cable should attach to any fixed object like a table leg or an anchor that mounts under the table.

iPhone Security cable and lock Kit Stand

iPhone Security Kit Stand

Look for a security solution that also comes with a stand to the hold the iPhone or iPod Touch at the optimum viewing angle. You also want to make sure the stand you choose works with the Lightning charging cable.

Lastly, consider price. iPhone lock and cable security kits range in price from $29.95 all the way up to $89.95 depending on features. Visit to see their line of iPhone and iPod Security Kits.

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How To Choose The Best iPad Stand For Your Next Trade Show

iPad Trade-Show Secure Stand

iPad Trade-Show Secure Stand

What to consider when looking for a secure iPad or iPad mini stand for your next trade-show.

iPad stands should offer flexibility so that customers can interact effectively with your new App or presentation. This will require a tether or cable so that they can lift the iPad out of the stand but not be able to walk aways with it. When looking for an iPad stand with a locking cable, look for a minimalist design so that the iPad is the focus and not the stand.

iPad mini Secure Trade-Show Stand

iPad mini Secure Trade-Show Stand

iPad stands should offer an optimum viewing angle in either the landscape or portrait position. This is key to an effective trade-show display. Also, look for an iPad or iPad mini stand that allows the charging cable to remain connected. This is important since you don’t want to interrupt your presentation to recharge your iPad.

Finally, consider price. Secure or locking iPad trade-show stands can range in price from $50 all the way up to $200 each. If you do your homework you should be able to find the right stand to enhance your presentation at a reasonable price. Visit to see their iPad Trade-Show Stands.

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New iPad Security Cable Lock And POS Stand From newPCgadgets

New Secure iPad Air POS Stand From newPCgadgets

Cable & Lock Secure iPad POS Stand

newPCgadgets has just introduced a low priced, flexible and secure iPad (POS) stand to hold all types of credit card readers including popular models like: Square, Paypal and Quckbooks.

The iPad (5th generation), iPad Air (1, 2), iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 10.5 are secured with light-weight aluminum brackets and a 5′ tether cable. This allows the flexibility to hold the iPad while doing transactions or showing product features to a customer. The iPad can also be used in the acrylic base as a stationary POS display. According to newPCgadgets President Michael Schriner, “Most iPad POS stands are fixed position which limits the additional uses that our kit offers.” Their iPad Security kit retails for $49.95 including free shipping.

newPCgadgets has also designed a POS Security stand for the iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4 with similar features. This version is priced at $39.95.

Rear View iPad Credit Card Stand from newPCgadgets

Rear View iPad Credit Card Stand

In addition to working as a POS stand, newPCgadgets says that their iPad holder is ideal for all types of applications that require security including: retail iPad store displays, trade-show iPad displays, exhibitions and events, waiting room iPad mounts, schools, museums and anywhere security is a concern.

Visit newPCgadgets for additional details

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New Wall Mount To Secure Your iPod Touch 5 And 6 Generations

secure iPod Touch Wall Mount from newPCgadgets

New iPod Touch 5, 6 Wall Mount

newPCgadgets introduces the iPod Touch 5th generation and 6th generation Secure Wall Mount. The low profile design is constructed from a 3/4″ clear acrylic base with an outer frame secured with stainless steel tamper-proof screws. In addition, newPCgadgets has included a second outer-frame with a home-button guard for continuous running programs.

The iPod Touch Wall Mount is ideal for business, retail or home use. The iPod Touch can be mounted to the wall for numerous applications including: as a clock-in timer, audio system, security system, general monitor and much more. The iPod Touch Wall Mount is also compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S. Priced at $59.95. For additional details visit newPCgadgets.

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What To Look For When Buying A Laptop Stand

my cluttered MacBook desk If your laptop workspace looks anything like mine then you know space is at premium. I wanted a laptop stand that could save space and put my MacBook at a better viewing angle. I also hate using my keyboard on a flat surface, it just feels awkward and strains my wrists.

New MacBook Riser in BlueSurprisingly, after doing some research I couldn’t find a product that met my needs, so I decided to design and build one myself. In choosing a material I decided to go with acrylic to add color to my new laptop stand. My main issue is raising my MacBook for better viewing, so I built a tapered angle into the laptop riser with a non-skid rubber pad to rest the laptop on. By positioning my Macbook up or down on the angled surface I can adjust the viewing angle. This also makes using the keyboard much more comfortable.

Laptop Stand And Space-SaverI was able to find many laptop stands that could raise my MacBook but what I couldn’t find is a space-saver when I’m not using it. As you can tell from my desk, pictured above, I need more room. With my Laptop stand I designed a rear pocket so that I could hold my MacBook at a 90 degree angle when not in use. This saves me a ton of room and it looks cool. I know this because my friends keep asking me to make one for them.

I recently added it to our website and it has been one of our best sellers. If you would like more details please visit Laptop Lift 90 from

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What Are The Best iPad Stands To Prop Up The New iPad?

Apple iPad Smart Cover Stand

Apple iPad Smart Cover

With dozens of options to choose from which iPad stand props up the new iPad and creates a solid base to hold it firmly in place? For mobile use, the iPad Smart Cover from Apple provides a convenient solution offering multiple positions. The Smart Cover is a little flimsy but gets the job done. The Smart Cover doesn’t take up much space and provides protection for your iPad screen when not in use. The Smart Cover sells for around $40.

Apple Store iPad Stand for sale from newPCgadgets

All-Acrylic Apple Store Pedestal With Slot

For iPad stands that are less mobile and designed to stay at your home or office you might like the Apple store acrylic stand. This base is a solid 1.5 lbs with a center slot designed to let you stand up the iPad or use it on a slant. If you like the look of the Apple store fixtures and you need a substantial base to hold the iPad in place for FaceTime, watching videos, using apps or working, then this stand would be a good fit. Priced at $39.95 they are available from

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Tips To Secure An iPad mini 4 To The Wall

For businesses, storefronts and others looking to secruley mount an iPad mini 4 (latest version) the wall here is some useful tips. There are three types of secure wall mounts and they include; a flush in-wall mount, a flexible extended mount and a flat mount. Each type offers different benefits.

The flush iPad mini wall mount is very expensive to install but offers a seamless look. The flush mount requires hundreds of dollars in construction modifications and electrical wiring. This option is popular with retailers and companies that require a specific look and have a large budget to spend. It would not be unusual to spend up to $500 for a single installation.

Flexible iPad mini wall mounts allow full-motion of the iPad while still providing a secure mount. The charging cord is generally concealed within the flexible part of the mount and can connect to a power source in the wall. Companies who want their customers to interact with the iPad mini for presentations, apps, videos or even trying out a new game would benefit from this type of mount. These mounts also expensive to install depending on available power source and stud support within the wall. You can expect to pay around $250 per installation.

new iPad mini 4 wall mount

iPad mini 4 Wall Mount In Acrylic

By far the most popular type of iPad mini 4 wall mount is the flat mount that can attach directly to the wall with screws or tape. These mounts come in various materials (plastic or metal) and thicknesses. They are designed for the majority of businesses that are looking for a low-cost secure solution that is easy to install. The more popular models conceal the power cord and are under 1″ in thickness. Depending on model you can expect to pay under $100 per installation for this style wall mount.

iPad mini 4 wall mount assembly with concealed charging cord

Concealed Power Cord

Make sure to identify the style of iPad mini 4 wall mount your business requires and carefully examine the cost and benefits of each version. For additional details visit our iPad mini Wall Mount page at newPCgadgets.

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Political Gag Gifts For Democrats And Liberals “Trump Mouse Pad”

Trump Commander-in-Tweet Mouse Pad gift idea

New Trump Holiday Gag Gift For Democrats

Frustrated Democrats and Demoralized Liberals need to buy holiday gifts too. With that in mind, we think they will like newPCgadgets “Commander-in-Tweet” Mouse Pad. Who wouldn’t like rolling their mouse over Twitter Trump? So if you are looking for a very cheap Holiday (2017) gift idea to ease your friends or family members pain then stick one of these in their stocking this Christmas. Disheartened Republicans may also like one. Visit newPCgadgets for additional details.

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How To Secure The iPhone From Theft For Business, Retail And Trade-Shows

Apple does not provide a cable lock, anti-theft solution for displaying the iPhone 5, 6, 7 or iPod Touch for business. As a result, companies are always looking for a solution for their counter display, retail store or upcoming trade-show. Audio alarm cables, like you see at the Apple store are one solution but they are very expensive and are designed for a large quantity of displays in order to be cost effective. Also, they are not very useful at noisy trade-shows.

Locking iPhone Security Cable

iPhone Security Brackets And Cable Mount

Another option would be a hardware solution utilizing a locking bracket and cable assembly. This solution typically provides outer-brackets that secure with tension and a center cable that attach to a fixed object. This solution offers flexibility for people handling the iPhone and prevents removal (unlike the audio alarm). These security kits typically sell for under $50.

For large retail operations the audio alarm solution may be the better choice. For trade-shows and counter mounts the bracket and cable solution would most likely be the better fit. For a cable lock solution visit

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Best Selling iPhone Stand Now 50% OFF For 2017 Holiday Season

Best selling iPhone 8 Desk Stand 50% sale price

New Acrylic iPhone 8 Desk Stand

newPCgadgets has lowered the price on their best selling iPhone desk stand just in time for the 2017 Holiday season. Their all-acrylic, Apple store style iPhone desk stand holds all model iPhones including, the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the popular iPhone 6 and 7 models. This minimalist base is modeled after Apple’s basic design of form and function. The solid base with non-skid outer-rings holds the iphone at a convenient angle to improve both viewing and input. With thousands already sold newPCgadgets has reduced the price by 50% to $19.95 ($39.95 retail).

For friends, family or co-workers these elegant acrylic iPhone stands will be appreciated a clever, low priced gift idea this Holiday season. Visit newPCgadgets to take advantage of this sale price.

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