New iPad mini 4 Locking Counter Mount Stand

iPad mini 4 Secure desk mount

Secure iPad mini 4 Mount

newMacgadgets introduces the new iPad mini 4 Locking Desk Mount. Designed exclusively for the iPad mini 4, the new Desk Mount resembles the look of their iPad mini 1,2 and 3 Counter mount. The new acrylic mount secures with adhesive strips or screws and is ideal for all secure applications. Constructed from 1 1/4″ clear acrylic, the iPad mini 4 is held in place with stainless steel clips that prevent removal. Priced at $79.95. Visit newMacgadgets for additional details and to order.

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newMacgadgets Introduces The iPad mini 4 Wall Mount

iPad mini 4 Locking Wall Mount

Secure acrylic iPad mini 4 Wall Mount

newMacgadets introduces their new iPad mini 4 Secure Wall Mount Frame. Similar in design to their iPad min 1,2 and 3 secure wall mounts but sized for the new iPad mini 4. The clear acrylic design and stainless steel security clips hold the iPad mini 4 securely within the frame. The rich look of acrylic is ideal for all professional settings including: waiting room, conference rooms, trad-shows, restaurants, and much more. For additional details visit newMacgadgets today.

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New iPhone Wall Mounts For 2016

Locking iPhone Wall Mounts for retail and business

Locking iPhone 6 and 6S Wall Mount

newMacgadgets introduces their new line of locking iPhone Wall Mounts for 2016. Products include wall mounts for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Each iPhone Wall mount is constructed from 1″ clear acrylic and features a secure outer-frame to prevent removal of the iPhone. The clear acrylic design is ideal for businesses that require security and good looks in one.

Acrylic wall mounts for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

iPhone 5 and 6 Secure Wall Mounts

newMacgadgets carries a full-line of secure and locking mounts for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Air and the new iPad Pro. Visit them for additional details at
Last updated: January 16, 2016 at 22:23 pm

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