New Hard Drive Lock for the Xbox 360 helps prevent theft!

Xbox Hard Drive LockThe new Hard Drive Lock for the Xbox 360 protects your valuable hard drive from being removed or borrowed without your permission. The unique 3 piece steel plate design secures to the Xbox 360 console and prevents access to the removal button. The security plates are secured with a 30mm keyed padlock. The hard drive lock also works with the Xbox 360 Elite.

Until now, there has not been a security product designed exclusively for this application. With over 17 million Xbox 360’s in circulation the Hard Drive Lock is a much needed product. NewPCgadgets designed the original security kit for the Xbox 360 which is used by thousands of video game stores, schools, businesses and home users. In addition to the lost data, hard drives can cost up to $150 to replace.

The cost for the new Hard Drive Lock is $17.95. They are available online from newPCgadgets. Make sure to lock down your hard drive and prevent your friends stealing your valuable games, downloads, profiles and more.

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