Sound Protect Security Kit protects your computers, video game consoles and more!

The new Sound Protect Security Kit provides audio security for your home or office electronics including, computers, monitors, video consoles and flat screen TVs. Similar to how audio alarms work on electronic merchandise in retail stores, the Sound Protect sensor attaches to your computer, flat screen monitor, LCD TV, video console or other electronics with double sided adhesive.  The other sensor mounts to a fixed object like a desk or table. If either sensor is removed or the wire cut an 85db alarm activates alerting you that your electronic component has been moved or taken. The Sound Protect alarm  is powered by watch batteries with a 3 to 5 year shelf life. To deactivate the alarm requires a small pin to reach the on/off switch located below the surface of the sensor case. This makes it difficult to turn off the alarm once it has been activated.

The  Sound Protect sensor compliments other hardware security products or as a stand alone security device. Some popular electronics that you can secure with the Sound Protect Security Kit  include, the Apple iMac, video game consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. The Sound Protect Security Kit  is also great for flat screen TVs, computer monitors and desktop computers. There are dozens of additional home electronics that the Alert can work with.

For $19.95 the Sound Protect Security Kit is an inexpensive solution to protect valuable electronics. Available online only from newPCgadgets.

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