New PS3 Slim Security Kit keeps your Playstation safe.

The PS3 Slim Security Kit is designed to work exclusively with the new PS3 Slim. This newest security product from newPCgadgets is perfect for home, school, retail or office. With thousands of PlayStation’s reported stolen each year the new PS3 Slim Security Kit is the first anti-theft product designed to help prevent the loss of your favorite game console.

Included with the Security Kit are 2 barrels, 2 replacment screws and screw covers, 1 8’ft steel wire security cable and 1 brass padlock with 2 keys.  To use simply remove the 2 screws located at the bottom rear of the PlayStation and replace with the new screws and security barrels.  After securing the barrels place the screw covers over the screws to prevent access.   Secure the cable to fixed object like a desk leg or steel cabinet.  Finally, slide the security cable through the slots in both barrels and lock with the brass padlock.     The PS3 Slim Security Kit can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position (see pictures).

The PS3 Security Kit retails for $29.95 and is available online from at this PS3 Slim Security Kit.

*Please note that there are two versions of the PS3 Security Kit, original and Slim, make sure to choose the kit specifically for your PS3 console.

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