Finally a Security Lock and Cable Kit for the Xbox 360

Have you ever tried to find a security kit for your Xbox 360 to secure it in your dorm room, home or office? Until now you would have been out of luck. has just introduced the first security kit designed to work exclusively with the Xbox 360. The unique steel plate design locks to the top of the Xbox 360 securing the hard drive and console. Assembly takes less than 60 seconds to attach and does not require opening the case. Once attached, simply slide the 8′ security cable through the slots and anchor to any close by permanent fixture.

With over 12 million Xbox 360’s already sold, this new security kit is a much needed theft protection accessory. It’s surprising that Microsoft did not design the Xbox 360 with a security slot similar to most laptop manufactures. Most high school and college students secure their laptops and notebooks with products like the standard Kensignton MicroSaver Security Kit. Without any security products available until now, the Xbox 360 has been vulnerable to easy theft. At $29.95, and just in time for back to school, you can purchase this new Xbox 360 Security Kit directly from

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