Stand up your iPhone or BlackBerry with New Cell Phone Gadget

Smartphone KickstandThe MobileRiser is a clever new gadget that mounts to the bottom of your iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA’s or smartphones allowing you to stand up your device for easy viewing. The ultra-thin bracket mounts to the bottom of most cell phones and flips open to stand up your cell phone at a comfortable viewing angle. When not in use the bracket flips closed. The MobileRiser is only .060 thick and does not interfere with normal cell phone use.

MobileRiserNow you can view your cell phone screen without having to hold it. This frees up your hands to do other things. Now you don’t have to fumble for your cell phone to find out who’s calling. The MobileRiser great for use on your desktop or at restaurants when you need quick access.

The MobileRiser is made from high quality stainless steel with a 3M double sided adhesive. At 4.95 the MobileRiser is a must have cell phone accessory. For more details and to purchase go to

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