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iPad Acrylic Security Mount

NEW iPad Security Base

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iPad Mini Security Base

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iPad Mini Wall Mount

Secure Acrylic iPad Wall Mount Display

NEW iPad Wall Mount

Just like Apple store acrylic headphone stand

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Bring the Apple Store Home


Here's your chance to bring home the charm of Apple store. In addition to our popular selling security solutions for iPads & iPhones, we also offer a new line of Apple store displays ideal for home use.



Apple Store Acrylic iPad Base

Just like the wedge shaped acrylic displays that hold the iPad at the Apple store, our new iPad display is the ideal display and work station all-in-one. Slots are provided for plugins and non-skid feet hold the base firmly in place. This is our non-secure version for home use. Choose your model below.


Apple Store iPad Pedestal

Designed just like the 6" round shaped acrylic Apple store display but with one added feature. We have included a center slot to allow you to hold the iPad, iPad Air & iPad Mini upright, making it ideal for FaceTime or watching videos. Includes outer-silicone rings for sure-grip. Price $39.95


Apple Store iPhone Pedestal

Our 4" wedge shaped acrylic Apple store display is ideal for holding the iPhone, iPod or iPad mini at a comfortable viewing angle. Just like the Apple store we have included non-skid outer silicone rings to support the iPhone in either position. Retail $39.95


Apple Store Headphone Stand

Our acrylic Headphone Stand with stainless steel arm matches the look and feel of the Apple store display. The sleek look of our headphone stand complements any setup. Retail $29.95



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Apple store acrylic displays

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Apple Store Displays for Home

Apple Store Displays for Home




Apple Store iPad Mini Wedge

Apple store iPad Base









Apple Store iPad Circular Acrylic Display

iPad Acrylic Display







iPhone/iPod Circular Acrylic Display

iPhone/iPod Acrylic Display





Apple Store Headphone Stand

Apple Store Headphone Stand