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Smartphone Stand

Promotional Cell Phone Stand


Smartphone Coasters are our newest convenience stand designed for all model phones. Smartphone Coasters are elegant, acrylic coasters, with a center slot designed to hold smartphones upright and in style. Smartphone Coasters work with almost all cases.


Branding:  From small companies to large corporations Smartphone Coasters have quickly grown into the ultimate promotional product for businesses looking for an advertising edge. Companies can have their logo's laser engraved on the acrylic surface to ensure high-visibility.


For Business:  The stylish, all-acrylic design makes Smartphone Coasters the perfect smartphone stand for conference rooms, office lobbies, lounges, meeting rooms, trade-shows, corporate retreats, special events and much more. Smartphone Coasters complement any professional business setting to provide a smartphone stand your clients and customers will appreciate.


Hospitality Industry:  Smartphone Coasters are a favorite for the Hospitality industry. Restaurants offer them to their customers, bars and lounges set them out for their patrons. Hotels place them in their VIP rooms and guest lobbies. From five star hotels to the local bed and breakfast, Smartphone Coasters have become the smartphone stand of choice.


Smartphone Coasters are 4 1/2" circular clear acrylic discs with non-skid bumpers. The center slot is 3.25"W x .60"D and will accommodate most cases. Company name or logo can be engraved on the clear acrylic surface, ensuring the most prominent position. Minimum orders for custom logos start as low as 75 units with prices ranging from $4.95 to $5.95 each, depending on quantity.

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Promotional Cell Phone Stand

Promotional Phone Stand

  • High-end Promotional smartphone stand
  • 4 1/2" clear acrylic disc
  • Stackable space-saving design
  • Custom logo engraving available
  • Ideal for business and Hospitality
  • Durable surface with non-skid bumpers
  • Works with most Smartphone cases
  • Trade-show favorite


Read our reviews:

Phonearena - "Extremely convenient addition to any home or business environment.."

Engadget - "Smartphone Coaster keeps your eyes on the prize, even while you eat."

Android Central - "So Simple, So Cool."

AndroLib - "The guys at newPCgadgets created a pretty cool Smartphone stand."

PalmAddicts - "Smartphone Coasters are pretty COOL."

BerryReview.com - "Some products make me wonder why nobody thought of them."

Mobiletor - "newPCgadgets sculpts sleek and attractive smartphone coasters."

Androidandme - "The Smartphone Coaster is awesome for a number of reasons."

Smartphone Coasters work with all popular phones including:
iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
iPhone SE
Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Sony Ericsson







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Promotional Cell Phone Stand laser engraved

Smartphone stand with branded logo

Smartphone stand for bars and restaurants

Smartphone stand for Hospitality Industry

Smartphone stand for business

Smartphone stands for business

Acrylic desk stand for iPhones

Holds all iPhone models and works with most cases

Stackable smartphone stands for business

All-acrylic stackable Smartphone stands (4 pack)

Smartphone stand for hotels and hotel rooms

Smartphone stand for hotel lobbies and hotel rooms

Acrylic desk stand for Galaxy S7

Stand for all Android phones including Galaxy S7



Original Product Design by Morgane Schriner







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