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New Laptop Lift 90


We've added color and improved performance to your laptop setup. Our new Laptop Lift 90 is both a riser and space-saver in bright acrylic colors.


As a space-saver, the Laptop Lift 90 holds your laptop at a 90 degree angle freeing up valuable desk space when not in use. As a riser, the Laptop Lift 90 raises your laptop improving both performance and ventilation.


The all-acrylic high-gloss design is available in 4 colors: pink, blue, white and black. The Laptop Lift 90 holds all popular Laptops including: The MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Surface Book, Dell Latitude and dozens more.


As a special introductory offer we have lowered the price of the Laptop Lift 90 to $19.95 (retail $29.95). If you are looking for a clever gift idea this holiday or just want one for yourself make sure to take advantage of this special offer today.


Retail Price: $29.95

Sale Price $19.95

Laptop Riser From newPCgadgets




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Laptop Lift stand in pink


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